Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blessing Our Baby Boy

Last Sunday (Sept 29) was a day we've been looking forward to for a very long time...blessing our beautiful baby boy. My parents made the trek down from Northern CA to South TX to be here, and, of course, we had all of Sergio's family with us--they all live here in Mission, just 10 minutes away.  It's great to have a set of doting grandp
arents so close; they're always ready and willing to watch Michael so Serg and I can have a moment to breathe every once in a while.  Don't get me wrong....being parents is SUCH a blessing, and one we've looked forward to for quite a while, but sometimes just a 10 min trip to the grocery store by myself is a definite treat and can make my day.  But back to the blessing...

It was the first time we'd arrived to church on time in months (terrible, eh?) early we even had time for some quick pics outside the church building.  The blessing itself was beautiful; Sergio was joined by his brother and bro-in-law, our fathers, and the Bishop. 

Michael couldn't have looked cuter in his adorable blessing outfit, another cute creation by Grandma Chris (and still haven't figured out how to rotate in pics keep reverting to horizontal orientation)  (??)

On Monday I returned to work.  It was, overall, a good week, though I've been SOOOOOO beyond exhausted (sleepless nights and long work days--yuck!) I can barely think straight.  I hoping it doesn't take my body long to adjust to the sleep deprivation that's sure to continue for a while yet.  If I wasn't nursing, Serg could share a little more in our 3 AM fun.  :)