Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome Michael Adam Solis

He has arrived! Our beautiful baby boy made his long-anticipated entrance to the world at 2:30 PM on Wednesday August 13, 2008. He weighed in at a tiny 5 lbs 6 oz and measured just 18.5 inches....much to his not-so-petite parents' surprise! :) We couldn't be more excited to finally hold Michael Adam in our arms and to finally be "mommy and daddy."

It all happened VERY quickly. A sudden rise in my blood pressure and a sonogram that showed too little amniotic fluid prompted the doctor to send me to hospital Wednesday morning where they began inducing labor. However, when they gave me the initial "test" run of pitocin, even the lightest contractions sent the baby's heart rate plummeting
(and, of course, with all the monitors I was hooked up to, I could hear the rise and fall every time, each drop followed by the doctor and nurses suddenly bursting in my room...quite nerveracking to say the least). The doctor decided that inducing labor would be too stressful on the baby and quickly sent me to the operating room for a c-section. So after being in the hospital a mere two and a half hours, Michael Adam was delivered safe and sound and all wrapped up in the umbilical cord....so the decision to perform a c-section was most definitely the best one in this situation. We thank a kind and loving Heavenly Father for guiding the doctors and everyone involved to ensure that Michael's arrival was safe and complication-free.
He's happy, healthy, and gaining weight like crazy--at his 5 day pediatrician visit he'd already gained 4 oz beyond his birth weight!

Now I'm at home recuperating and thoroughly enjoying a complete break from work to be with little Michael. Sergio and I couldn't be happier and know we have been blessed beyond measure to have this little guy join the Solis family.